Refreshing my Windows 10 dev machine

Run Windows Fresh Start to clean up the machine from all of the bloatware either came with the computer or has been installed over time.

This post is a work in progress and will be updated as more tools are identified.

Install chocolatey

Install the dev tools via chocolatey. Make sure you run chocolatey from an elevated (run as Administrator) command prompt.

  • choco install -y visualstudio2019community
  • choco install -y visualstudio2019-workload-netcoretools
  • choco install -y visualstudio2019-workload-netweb
  • choco install -y sql-server-express
  • choco install -y sql-server-management-studio
  • choco install -y firefox

I have since uninstalled SQL Server and am, instead, running it as a docker container. This has simplified things greatly

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